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Helping Kids Connect With Nature

The Nature Play Space located in Middle Musquodoboit is the perfect place for kids (and adults) to connect with nature and have FUN! Unlike most playgrounds, this space uses mostly natural materials for all of its equipment and helps immerse you in a natural setting. Frog ponds (with nets for catching them), an outdoor kitchen, a giant birds nest, slides and lots of things to climb over and through make for a fun (albeit sometimes muddy) day.

The fire-tower is of course a personal favourite. It is one of the only left of its kind in Nova Scotia! This little piece of history is now an observation deck with a nice little view of the Musquodoboit Valley!

The Nature Play Space is located in the McCurdy Wood Lot behind the the Natural Resources Education centre. Not only can you enjoy the play space, but many trails that cross through the property. One trail in particular, the Titus-Smith trail, features a different Storybook Walk each year (yep! You get to enjoy a book posted along the way). It only takes about 20 minutes to complete and is a great way to mix literacy and nature!

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